We are advising on business administration, technological development and project management

Novatec is a company created in 2004 and dedicated to the provision of technical and management advice services aimed at companies, investors and financial entities for the administration, management, development, innovation and financing of businesses and projects.

The main object of the services of Novatec is the study of different scenarios and the concrete proposal of the decisions to take in each moment. The company takes care specifically to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain the confidentiality of information contained in their performances. .

The Novatec team provided advice to investors of individuals and various types of businesses and has participated in a number of projects, both in Spain and in the countries of Europe, America, Africa and south-east Asia.

Novatec’s consultants have led various projects for organizations, such as:

The services of Novatec are directed to owners, managers and managers of first level and those responsible for investments or financing, which require technical or management advice.

Novatec provides technical advice and management services tailored to the specific needs of its customers and each specific project.

To contract Novatec services you can contact us by, the electronic mail, social networks or by telephone.



Avda. Diagonal, 177-5th floor

Imagina Building – 08018 Barcelona

Tel: + 34 935-477-434

Email: info@nvtc.es